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Personal homepage
My personal homepage (versions in English and Portuguese)
Homepage for the local mycological group
Reference for the mycological group (mainly in Portuguese)
The e-Learning site for the Biology Department, University of Évora
Official e-Learning site for our department (in Portuguese)
Support page for the Genetics courses at the University of Évora
Online support materials for the Genetics courses in our department (in Portuguese)
The online Genetics manual
The online Genetics manual (in Portuguese)
A site for those interested in ectomycorhizas in Portugal and Spain
Support site for the ectomycorrhizas community in Portugal and Spain (in Portuguese)
Promotion site for the European Social Consultation
Promotion site for the European Social Consultation (in Portuguese)
My freely available song collection in mp3 format
A tiny collection of good songs available for those who really listen to the music