Teaching Biology

(outdated description)

The University of Évora Biology Department (BD), in which I belong, is responsible for a recently established degree in Biology and a Masters in Biological Resources, co-responsible with the Geosciences and Pedagogy Departments for a degree in Biology and Geology Teaching, and participates in the instruction of many Biology courses for other degrees, namely in the Agriculture and Environmental Sciences areas.

The BD has over thirty academics and is unformally subdivided in Zoology, Botany and Microbiology/Genetics sections. The latter includes Soil Microbiology and Molecular Biology trained biologists, an Anthropologist and an Animal Production Engineer.

My part in the job has been for most of the time to fill up a role in teaching Genetics and Immunology, both theoretical and practical, and for anyone interested I will be glad to discuss this topic by e-mail. Alternatively, please take a look at the Portuguese version of this page, where some texts are available and a description of the Portuguese Biologists Association is given.

List of the educational texts available in the Portuguese version:

Cladística (Cladistics notes, 2013-4)

A escolha dum teste estatístico The choice of a statistical test as a means to facilitate the use of statistics by Human Biology students, 2013.

Genética do Comportamento Humano (notes on Genetics of Human Behaviour, 2005)

Lecture notes for Genetics and Evolution, 2003.

Arabidopsis thaliana: modo de usar A practical guide to set up practical Genetics and Phyisiology courses based on cultures and mutants of the so-called "plant drosophila", both for University and Secondary School teaching.

Manual de Genética Genetics manual to support the teaching to Agriculture students at the University of Évora.

Textos de Imunologia Complementary texts and drawings used in the Immunology classes.

Genética Orofacial A text based on seminar classes given to Medical Dentist students in a previous job in a private medical institute.